Tube sawing and tube cutting machines

We perform cutting of tubes, having a diameter of up to 120 mm,to exact lengths by disc saws.

The tubes are put transversally between clamping jaws by handlers. The jaws are furnished with a plastic coating to avoid damage of the tube surface.By means of hydraulics tubes are clamped in jaws and the cutting of the tube starts from below with a disc saw blade of a diameter of 450mm.

Shift of the disc saw blade against the tube is program-optimized so that the shift speed is not constant. The disc saw blade is emulsion-lubricated.

After cutting the tube is relieved and transversally transferred to the storage table or to further conveying.
After setting the exact length of the tube after cutting one saw is fixed and two or more saws are travelling, placed on the linear guidance system. After setting the required length of the tube the travelling saw moves to a cutting position.
This way the tube can be cut to the exact length with trim of ends and at the same time into two or more parts.