Chamfering of tubes and pipes

After chamfering edges at both ends of the tube or bar, the tube is placed by feed handlers to the chamfering position no.1 on the roller conveyor.
Rollers convey the tube face the positive stop. Then it is conveyed by the feed handler to the chamfering position no.2.

The tube is clamped by hydraulic jaws and towards the face a headed spindle set up with tools for chamfering edges is thrown out. The spindle is height-adjustable depending on the tube diameter.After chamfering the spindle moves to the initial position, the tube is relieved from the jaws and the feed handler moves the tube to the next roller conveyor – chamfering position no.3. By analogy the opposite end of the tube is chamfered.

In conclusion the tube is discharged on the oblique table to further machining.