Device for the turning and separating foundry moulds

The main parts of the device are the cradle, which can be turned by 180 ° with two raised opposite conveyors inside.

In the first stage, a blank plate enters the cradle. After the plate reaches the middle of the conveyor the cradle turns – the plate is on top. Then the form with a “sanded” model enters the device on the lower conveyor. Both conveyors grip and press the blank plate and the form together. After the press, the cradle turns back. An industrial vibrator is pressed against the plate with the model, which vibrates with the model thus ensuring “peeling off” the model from the sand. Then the conveyors are opened, the form and the sand stay on the lower conveyor and the model moves on the upper conveyor. The form is exported to a loading cart. The table is rotated back and the plate with the model is transported to the other side of the device to the storage.

All movements of the device are controlled, therefore they are smooth with no shocks or twitching.

This fact, in connection with the precise movement of both conveyors, prevents damage to the mould when rotating and removing the model from the sand.

The entire handling process can be fully automated and can be incorporated into the entire production line.

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