About company

Prestar s.r.o. was founded in 1991 under the original name KVM, spol. s r.o. with the aim of manufacturing and supplying and assembling units for waste incinerators in the country and abroad. After the first four years of its business, there were changes in the company's ownership interests and a transformation into a company under the new name Prestar, s.r.o. Simultaneously with this change, a new direction was started - the development and sale of our own products.

Gradually, the company Prestar purchased the technical know-how of special lifting techniques for loads and the know-how of machines ensuring the processing of steel pipes and rods.

In 2001, Prestar, s.r.o. invested in land on the outskirts of the village Vávrovice near Opava and began building the company's headquarters with production halls with an area of  6,400 m2. The construction of the production area was completed in 2008.

Through gradual technical development of products, Prestar has built its position on the market in the Czech Republic and in Europe in both product areas. Special lifting equipment for ports, smelters, warehouses and production facilities is used in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Russia.

Production lines for cutting, straightening, grinding and packing pipes are equipped with control systems based on customer requirements and work in fully automated operation. These special machines and production lines have already found their customers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Ukraine and Russia.

In 2020, the company's management created and adopted a strategy for further development in the area of  product development, automation and management methods.

Prestar currently employs around 150 people. Prestar is increasingly investing not only in the development of new machines, but also in the education and training of its employees.