Deleni trubek.png

The disc saws are intended to cut the tubes and rods to the exact lengths. 

The scope of the cut tubes is in range from 6 to 140 mm
To ensure a short cutting cycle, the saw is equipped with:

  • Optimalization of the disc feed in relation to the diameter and the wall thickness of the tube
  • Spraying of the emulsion on the saw disc
  • Disc cleaning
  • Scale-off blowing of jaws after cutting

Cutting of tubes to the proper lengths with an accuracy of + - 0.5 mm / 6 m length.
A flying saw can be used for continuous cutting if the tubes are moved at a speed up to 1.0 m / s.
For cleaning  of the tube ends after cutting, the disc saw can be supplemented with a brush unit or with a chamfering unit for the tube ends.

Cutting in action